????????? Nothing To Loose – MLTR

???? : Nothing To Loose

?????? : MLTR

????????? :

There are times

when you make me laugh

There are moments when you drive me mad

there are seconds when

I see the light

though many times you made me cry

* There’s something

you don’t understand

I want to be your man

Chorus :

Nothing to lose

your love to win

Hoping so bad

that you’ll love me in

I’m at your feet

Waiting for you

I’ve got time

And nothing to lose

There are times

when I believe in you

These moments when I feel close to you

there are times I think

That I am yours

though many times I feel unsure

[Repeat *]


I’ll always be around you

keep an eye on you

and i won’t let you run

cos? you are the only one


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