????????? Little Sweet Angel – Vacation Band

???? : Little Sweet Angel

?????? : Vacation Band

????????? :

I feel so high yet I’m still tryin to win this game

Game of love and game of passion that we know it’s the same

Years and years have gone by still I can’t seem to get it right

Though I’ve tried so hard to stay away

*If I told you the number of times I failed you’ll be so surprised

‘Cause of the love instances I have held so dear were merely one-sided

Even then I’d still believe there’s somebody for me

It’s quite alright if I’ve yet to meet my little sweet angel

**Little sweet angel, where could you be

Little sweet angel, could you be

In the air of the nights I plea for that someone free

Free from love and free from burdens so she can be with me

All in all I’m not that desperate so please don’t picture me backward

It’s just the incompleteness I feel but it’s a big deal

*, **

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