????????? way out – abuse the youth

???? : way out

?????? : abuse the youth

????????? :

Hey! Do you hear me? , my friends

I left without any words to say

Think I’ll write you soon

Hey! Can you hear me? Mom and Dad

Now I separate all the things I dreamed it’s not quite all these things I’ve seen


* This is a call to turn and turn all the hour

Because what I’m feeling now is too hard to take it

I’m turning around and think I’m dying alone again

Feel everything is so clear

Blue sky and the sun is near

And the water is good

I’ve never been so alive

You might be thinking that I should be so fine

yeah… I wish that I should have died


Save me now , my friends

One more day or hour I’ll be done

I mean it , man

A hundred and thousand letters that I’ve sent

Like someone told, One day you’ll be living alone

But is this too much for me?


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