????????? spread the word – zain bhikha

???? : spread the word

?????? : zain bhikha

????????? :

We are the Muslim Ummah

And each day that goes by the harder we try

In gratitude we pray to Allah

Chosen as part of the best of Mankind

We spread the word of Islam

Each minute, Each Hour

In awe of His power

Each Flower, Each Tree

Everything that we see


Spread the word O’ Man

Spread the word of Islam

Oh Fortunate One

Paradise must be won (x2)

Each Day and each night

Through Darkness and Light

Cry it out to the World

Spread the Word, Spread the Word

Spread the Word O’ Man, Spread the Word of Islam

Every difficulty faced in our lives

Makes us realise that it’s just part of Allah’s plan

Feeling stronger we take it in our stride

He will always favour the patient one

While we spread the word of Islam

Every sigh, sad goodbye

Every tear from my eye

Every yes, every no

Every high, every low


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