????????? Just say you love me – Malachi Cush

???? : Just say you love me

?????? : Malachi Cush

????????? :

I know you don’t kiss me like you used to do

And now you don’t touch me like I want you to

Now I realize that I could lose it all

Do I take the fall? Walk away alone

There’s a pain that I’m feeling, that I’ve tried to hide

You may have your reason but you hurt my pride

And I’m holding on cause we’re not said and done

You’re the one, you’re the only one

* I got all my life to live if you say you love me

I got all my love to give if you say you want me

I will take this heart and show you what it’s worth

I will take this lip to kiss you like it’s first time that you love me

Just say you love me

I don’t wanna hurt you but I’m not gonna lie

I could say that I love you. I could break down and cry

Now I walk a million miles to hear you say

Don’t walk away, don’t walk away

[Repeat *]

Crazy for the love you gave me

You’re the memory, the time we share together me and you

I can’t live another day, I can’t love another way without you

Without you

[Repeat *]”

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