????????? if you want to – ?????????????????

???? : if you want to

?????? : ?????????????????

????????? :

If U want to ?????????????????

E F#m7

** I’ll kill a cupid and take his bow away

Asus2 E

I’ll do this after the play if U want me to E F#m7

I’ll water the sun to darken up the sky

Asus2 E

I will spread my wings and fly if U want me to

Asus2 C#m7

* Now I put on my pretty dress while writing down your address

Asus2 E

On the empty envelope without the stamps

Asus2 C#m7

I sing my love song back to U if U can’t hear it, don’t be confused

F#7 B

I just want to have U coming back to my house, only if U want to

Instru: E Bm A E

E F#m7

I know a million lips that want to kiss U Asus2 E

They will show U how much I miss U if U want them to

E F#m7

I know a million eyes that love to look on your face

Asus2 E

U’re the star of the empty space and I wish U knew

(Repeat *)Instru: E Bm

A E Bm A B

Don’t be late for love again, the black cloud is the sign of the rain

(Repeat **,*)

Instru: E E E E

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