????????? this is me – thaitanium

???? : this is me

?????? : thaitanium

????????? :

????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? Fuck you anyway you don’t know me ???????????? who’s your hamie ??????? attitude ??????? New York ???????????? How cold it’s been how everyday a hustle ?????????????? New York ??? Yea! ??????????????? serve ?????? to these friends and at the same time chasing my crazy dreams ???????????????? To cleanse my sins ???????????? leads to better things. My new york state of mind of mines ??????????? ????????????? Grind so I’m pushing 20 of dro 50 of blow ???????? D’s gotta Duck low while chaing this dough shout out to ????? who’s doing the same or just ddoing their thang cause the world’s insane ????????????????? had to hit the bottle like everyday just to case his pain ????????????? increase my fame ??? increase ??????? in brain may be sec same change happiness and pain ????????????????????? and may be one day y’all can see my aim

?????????????????? or just to get by or just to survive so one day I can see some comfort in life T got a hustle job and career ???????????????????? ?????????? I’m a have a fam gotta provide ?????????? Put shit to da side ???????????????? keep da 45th to side ????????????????????????????????? til da end of story mines and that’s fine come and get me I ain’t scared never was and never will be ??????? only 2 things????????? is ??????? and da Fam ya’ll know who you are ???????? Ya’ll wouldn’t have made it this far and that’s the truth ???????????? ???? we step in da booth young hollywood ??????????? ?????????????? ?????????????????????? Motherfuckers Listen up ????????????? ??????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ????????? ????? Spit it ???????????????????? ?? spit it for da hood and this floe we sing Examine my brain cuz this is how I think Head above water homie never gonna sink everyday is a fight from the night to day to day to the night ??????????????????? So! ???????? and that what’s up not to bad and not to good ???????????? is what you should coming soon to a theater near you It’s young hollywood.

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