????????? 99 times – kate voegele

???? : 99 times

?????? : kate voegele

????????? :

So, you see

You’ve got me back again for more

And it seems

Your song is in my head

This is war

Mystery; how I could feel you breathe me

I was sure you would keep

Every promise; you would keep

Every word


I try to put your stories in line

But nothing adds up right

[*]For every 99 times

You looked me in the eye,

You looked me in the eye

And swore you weren’t lying

Well, I was so blind

I never saw the signs

I’m getting out tonight

And you’re not invited

Its a shame

That you left me hanging like you did

It was brave

But it was much more foolish

Don’t you think?

Cause you know I wont be satisfied

Until you realize

rep [*]

These things are oh, all so typical

These things are unforgivable

I’m gone and you’re invisible now

Don’t let me catch you following

Don’t ask, cause I’m not offering

You’ve caused enough of my suffering, oh

rep [*]

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