????????? Have You Heard – zain bhikha

???? : Have You Heard

?????? : zain bhikha

????????? :

Each day we are reminded

and each day we say

there’s not much that we can do

it seems so far away

So we live our lives in silence

pretending not to hear

the voices of our people

The cry is so so clear

Why do we stand by spectating

while our brothers cry jihad?

We are bound by one conviction:

we believe in Allah


Have you heard of Kosova, of Afghanistan?

Have you heard of Palestine [2nd chorus: Bosnia]

of Chechan?

Have you heard of all these people

persecuted in their land?

Do you know that all these people are dying for Islam?

Have you heard, have you heard

have you heard?

Each day is like another

Nothing seems to change

Today he’ll lose his brother

Tomorrow will be the same

Yet his faith makes him stronger

he?s come so so far

The pain in his heart is eased

by his love for Allah

O I envy you my brother

in adversity you pray

You know that heaven awaits you

at the end of this day


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