????????? bangkok chemist – futon

???? : bangkok chemist

?????? : futon

????????? :

Cream that makes you white

Pills that make you slim

Drinks that make you go all night

Till you’re retchin’ in someone else’s garbage bin

Horns that makes you hard

Fins that make you wise

Speed that makes you a target

And addictions you love to despise

Bangkok chemist Shopping List

Spins you out you get my drift….

Tigers that make you purr

Snakes that make you slick

Inhalers that leave you dry

And laxatives that make you shit

Beer Chang turns you into your Dad

Xanax turns you into your mum

Mirrors turn you into yourself

And the truth only makes you Numb

Bangkok chemist shopping List

Spins you out

You get my drift….

Give me what I need

And I need what I give

Just give me what I need

And I need what I give

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