????????? Fortunate is he – Zain bhikha

???? : Fortunate is he

?????? : Zain bhikha

????????? :

Fortunate is he…

Who remembers Allah abundantly.

Worldly distractions cannot mildly sway

His thoughts of Allah and judgement day

Righteous is he

Who bows to One he cannot see

Whose deeds do not spring without Bismillah

Fulfilling his tasks with perfect Taqwa

Devout is he

Who supplicates to Allah intensively

Whose heart is merciful, tender and kind

His gaze on life after, this world behind

Prosperous is he

Who spends his wealth on the poor and needy

Who speaks a kind word to kin and neighbour

Ever-grateful for Allah’s favours

Guided is he

Who prays Salah with punctuality

Early morning, Tahajjud he prays

For Allah’s pleasure and nearness he craves

God fearing is he

Who contemplates death early

Who starts as he sees his demise

And tears fall over wasted sacrifice

Blessed is he

Who sings Allah’s praises fervently

Blessed be all of Allah’s slaves

Allah’s mercy be with them always

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