????????? You And Me – Toy Music Tune

???? : You And Me

?????? : Toy Music Tune

????????? :

When I look into your eyes tonight

Something is telling me that you wanna be mine

And time is going by so fast

I’ve waited for this moment…When I can look at you

It’s like a tree that we’ve planted

Let’s take care of our hearts

Just like we did before

Darling, I’m so proud of you

Of everthing you are and what you do

You love me, I love you Baby, I need you to me

Be my side, I’m gone so far I’m crazy

And I know, I’ll never get enough of loving you

And the time when we are apart

You know, I feel so lonely

’cause my mind is on you

Oh, girl no matter where you are

You know, my heart will be and my love will be

As one with yours

Never get enough…Never get enough of loving

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