????????? Months – kal

???? : Months

?????? : kal

????????? :

April now it’s May and I haven’t heard from you

June and then July..what’s about I gonna do

August and september.Who am I to hold on to?

I’m here lose in my mind without you.. ooh yeah

October and November I was tryin to forget

Breakin down as I look back ooh baby yeah yeah yeah

December’s comin up, and I can’t take this anymore

I know I’m all messed up in my mind ..yeah

* Every second.minute every hour

I just catch myself thinkin’ of you

Everyday and weeks and all those months

All I think about is our love

It’s almost been a year and I just can’t forget

memories are playing back without the sound

I supposed to be a brand new year that’s what January’s for

supposed to be happier,that’s what I don’t seem to get

February lover’s cupid I don’t see you near

look at me I’m lost in a brutal world

I’m tryin to forget all the times that we’ve been through

I’m tryin to leave out,How much I’ve been missing you

March is up ahead , baby that’s when you up and left

’till April then it’s clear that I didn’t move on

[Repeat *]

It’s been a lonely year and I just can’t forget

memories are still playin without the sound

It’s almost like the time that change your damn thing

You know maybe cause I really do love you ..hmm

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