????????? allah hu – sami yusuf

???? : allah hu

?????? : sami yusuf

????????? :

Allahu Allahu Allahu

Allahu Allahu Allahu

Truly He is the One

He has no father or son

Everything in creation was by Him begun

With His infinite power anything could be done

Ask Allah for His Pardon

And you’ll enter the Garden


Before Him there were none

Of partners He has none

He knows what is apparent and what is hidden

All the fate of creation has already been written

His Will is always done

And can never be undone


From amongst all humans

Muhammad was chosen

He was illiterate and he was an orphan

Yet Allah sent him to those who were pagans

Oh Allah let us drink

From his hand in the fountain


Ya Allah You’re the Sovereign

You’re the Sultan of Sultans

Please protect me from Shaytan and all of his treason

Let him not with his whispers my iman ever weaken

My only wish in this life

Is to attain Your Pardon

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