????????? you came – Kim Wilde

???? : you came

?????? : Kim Wilde

????????? :

Someone I know is staring at me

And when I look into her eyes

I see a girl that I used to be

I hardly recognise

Cos in the space of a year

I’ve watched the old me disappear

All of the things I once held precious

Just don’t mean anything anymore

Cos suddenly

You came and changed the way I feel

No one could love you more

Because you came and turned my life around

No one could take your place

I’ve never felt good with permanent things

Now I don’t want anything to change

You can’t imagine the joy you bring

My life won’t be the same

And I’ll be there when you call

I’ll pick you up if you should fall

Cos I have never felt such inspiration

Nobody else ever gave me more because

You came …

I watch you sleep in the still of the night

You look so pretty when you dream

So many people just go through life

Holding back they don’t say what they mean

But it’s easy for me

Since you came

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