????????? love me for a reason – boyzone

???? : love me for a reason

?????? : boyzone

????????? :

Girl when you hold me

How you control me

You bend and you fold me

Any way you please

It must be easy for you

To love the things that you do

But just a pastime for you

I could never be

And I never know, girl

If I should stay or go

Cos the games that you play

Keep driving me away…


Don’t love me for fun, girl

Let me be the one, girl

Love Me For a Reason

Let the reason be love

[chorus x1]

Kisses and caresses

Are only minor tests, babe

Of love turned to stresses

Between a woman and a man

So if love everlasting

Isn’t what you’re asking

I’ll have to pass, girl

I’m proud to take a stand

I can’t continue guessing

Because it’s only messing

With my pride, and my mind

So write down this time to time

[chorus x2]

I’m just a little old-fashioned

It takes more than a physical attraction

My initial reaction is

Honey give me a love

Not a fascimile of

[chorus x3]

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