????????? Muhammed – Sami Yusuf

???? : Muhammed

?????? : Sami Yusuf

????????? :

Dedicated to the innocent children of Beslan

Every day I see the same headlines

Crimes committed in the name of the divine

People committing atrocities in his name

They murder and kidnap with no shame

But did he teach hatred, violence, or bloodshed? No… Oh No

He taught us about human brotherhood

And against prejudice he firmly stood He loved children, their hands he’d hold

And taught his followers to respect the old

So would he allow the murder of an innocent child? Oh No…


Muhammad ya rasulallah

Muhammad ya habiballah

Muhammad ya khalilallah


Muhammad ya rasulallah

Muhammad ya shafi’allah

Muhammad ya bashirallah

Ya rasulallah

Muhammad the light of my eyes

About you they spread many lies

If only they came to realise

Bloodshed you despise


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