????????? suffocate – tata young

???? : suffocate

?????? : tata young

????????? :


Time ..

safe that’s all I need… Away from you

So why… do you tie me in a knot I can’t undo

You’re holding me so tight

As if I’m leaving you tonight

Just try to let you know

That it’s all got too much for me


(Cuz) I can’t get get where I want to

When you got me stuck in a corner

And you can’t see see what you’re doing to me

Baby I need a room to breathe

I can’t feel what I outta

When you hold me under the water

No I can’t breathe

Why can’t you see

That you’re suffocating me?

Suffocating me


What do you want from me?

How can I give you more when you strangle my emotion?

Insecurity’s shutting every door that is open

I can feel it when you hold me

That you’re trying to control me

I try to walk away but I can’t move

When your nails are in my feet

Repeat /CHORUS/


You wanna hold me down

Try and put me in sad, afraid

And want me all stuck down here forever, ever

You try to bring me down

And tell me that I’m to blame

It’s all too much to take

It’s never gonna be the same

Repeat /CHORUS/

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