????????? tangerine dream – do as infinity

???? : tangerine dream

?????? : do as infinity

????????? :

Tsao wa meguma chiga

nemurini tsuite

ii oo ronai hounga

gubi o mo tagaru

yume mo nagai mo

zutamae dakite

bo ikakae baou hodoni

kyorio wo kanjinu

nidoto nai

kono toki

mike suni

donnaru koto

naku koto

sonnao no

itsu demo da kiru ne

futoki datsu kuto

oshigezu iteru

michi n jou noburi kaeshini

darehaji metanu

hitaru kini

noto mete


The murmuring city goes to sleep,

And an anxiety I can’t put into words rears its head.

The distance feels greater the more I chase

After my dreams and desires to catch them both.

This moment will never exist again; don’t run away.

Stopping and crying…such things

Can be done at any time.

When I stop to think about it, I am afraid;

I’ve started to get used to the routines of daily life.

During the uncertain times when we were racing,

Getting hurt from single-mindedly wanting something;

Back then, we were…

“How’ve you been?” — that familiar voice

I hear through the receiver gives me courage.

A future where we can live,

Accepting everything from smiles to tears…

I believe that

Our desires will reach that future —

Someday, sometime, for sure.

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