????????? love stood still – M.Y.M.P

???? : love stood still

?????? : M.Y.M.P

????????? :

Love was a lighthouse guiding the way

We were two boats on the ocean

Following shadows that led us astray

Case of mistaken emotion

Suddenly you’ve drifted back to my arms

And while we were lost in the dark


Love stood still

Movin’ us together

Love stood still

Leading us towards each other

Now we’re back at the start

Cos while we were apart

Love stood still

Love was a fire burned down to the

Waiting for something to spark

We were two fireflies drawn to the glow

Singing you lit the flames in my heart

I had my reasons for letting you go

But holding you again i know

[repeat Chorus]

Now you ask me to say

I’ll always feel this way

Now then nothing has ever changed

[repeat Chorus]

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