????????? everything is nothing – sweetbox

???? : everything is nothing

?????? : sweetbox

????????? :

baby i just didnt realize

i cant believe you wanna say goodbye

i shouldve seen it coming long before

and pay attention to ya a little more

i know ive done you wrong

now youre almost gone

all the lonely nights

let me make it right

still the world is turning

and my heart is pumping

voice and emotions running through my vein

(takes) that special something

took in my attention

everything is nothing no its nothing

if i dont have you

do you remember when our love is new

you said well be forever and it was true

we made promises much too hard to keep

but we can make it work i do believe

everything comes true

i beg you only knew

what is meant to be doesnt come easy

we got all A from what we had back then

so dont say it has to end

the consequence i didnt see

you might walk away from me

taking it for granted you were mine

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