????????? rahma – talib al-habib

???? : rahma

?????? : talib al-habib

????????? :

Salla Allahu `ala Muhammad

Salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam

ar-rahimuna yarhamuhum al-Rahman, tabaraka wa ta?ala

irhamu man fi al-ard, yarhamkum man fi as-sama

The people of love and compassion

Will receive the unending mercy

Of the all-Compassionate Lord of all

Blessed and exalted be He.

Be merciful, kind and compassionate

To all that dwell on the earth

And the One who is beyond the sky

Will be kind and merciful to you.

Our beloved master Muhammad

Was a mercy to all of the worlds

For bird and beast, for man and tree

His compassion embraced them all

Mercy is the way of our Lord

And of our beloved guide

May it be the heart and be the soul

Of every believer?s life

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