????????? our guide is the quran – yusuf islam

???? : our guide is the quran

?????? : yusuf islam

????????? :

Our guide is the Qur`an

Our Religion is Islam

Five Noble Pillars upholding what is virtuous

To make the Testimony is the base of the Faith, and the Fast, and the Prayer, the Pilgrimage and Charity.

Dusturuna-al Qur`anu

Wa Deenuna-al Islamu

Arkanuhu Jaleelah da`aimun Fadheelah

Wa hiya ash-Shahadatani, qa`aidatul Iman, wa-as Sawmu, Wa-as Salatu, Wa-al Hajju, Wa-az Zakatu

(Teacher): “The Prophet Muhammad (sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam) told us that we must obey Allah and His messenger at all times. But who else did he tell us to listen to, and be close to?

(Children): “My Mother!”

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