????????? jai sung ma – loso

???? : jai sung ma

?????? : loso

????????? :

Hak wa ter pahn ma dai yin pleng nee

Kahd wa ter gor kong roo dee wa pben chun

Mohb hai ter kon diew, ahd mai giew thae sumkun

Proa chun nun yahk hai ter dai fung

Tee fao thae tor, tor pbai ha ter reuay pbeuay

Neuay gor yom, gor jai chop ter mai bao

Thae jai jao gum mai roo leree wah ter mai chop rao

Mai son lae mai ao, mai yahk kuey

* Gor leree ma rong pleng bohk

Kae yahk hai ter nun kao jai

Ai sing tee chun tum long pbai jai sung ma

Yah grote leree na kon dee

Yok tote hai chun na gaew tha

Krao lung ja mai ma, ja mai tor


Lae sood taai tee nai hua jai mun rum rong

Yahk ja mong, ja mong na ter eek suk tee

Gorn ja la ter pbai, kon jai dum, na tha dee

Kor tote ter suk tee jahk hua jai

Thae mee neung kum tee yung kang ka jai

Kum pood look poo chai, chun chop ter


If you pass by and hear this song

I expect that you will know that it is me

Giving this song to you only, it might not be relevant, but it’s important

Because I want you to hear it

When I followed you, called you up every day

Even though I was tired, I still submitted, because I liked you a lot

But the heart of the unlucky didn’t know that you didn’t love him

You didn’t care, you didn’t want to speak to me

So now I’m singing you this song

I just want you to understand

What I have done, it was because my heart commanded me

Please don’t be mad at me

Forgive me gaew tha(?)

Next itme, I will not come, I will not call

And lastly in my heart, I continue to sing

I’d like to see your face once more

Before I say good bye to you, cruel-hearted person with a nice face

I apologize once more from my heart

But I still have one word that is still stuck in my heart

This word is from a grown man, (and the word is) I like you

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