????????? Look only at me part 2 – G-Dragon

???? : Look only at me part 2

?????? : G-Dragon

????????? :

Look Only At Me ,part 2

I’m not trying to make sense here

I’m just trying to make things right

I’m not asking, but I’m telling you

Baby listen

Ah ah ah ah I’m sorry girl

All all all all it’s all my greed

Ah ah ah ah I’m sorry girl

Look Only At Me, Part 2

All men are all same but I am different, believe me girl

I am different from those other guys you met

I said with my whole heart that ‘I will only look at you’

There won’t be betrayal in front of love you gave me

Honestly I sometimes waver

But don’t worry it doesn’t go farther

I was just curious of being fluttered from dating for a long time, those small fights

I feel happy when you are next to me so I am not alone

But I feel unnerved and think the past was better sometimes

Although I feel sorry


Don’t ever cheat although I do, baby

Don’t forget about me although I do, lady

Sometimes, I don’t contact you and I drink

And if I met lips with another woman, look only at me

(I am sorry honey, but…)

I delay a date with you today

Once, twice, it became many times already, like a habit (Let’s meet for sure tomorrow)

‘I will do it next time’ ‘I will do better from now on’ but I lie at the last minute

But I can’t help it, I keep lying to you

I know it’s bad, I always feel anxious

No girl girl girl

Everything is my fault, swerved (broken) promises repeat (ah)

(I hope you won’t know about this)

I look for you when I feel lonely and inconvenient

I feel sorry, then it happens soon

You comfort me saying it’s okay to do it when I am foolish

(Repeat Chorus)

I know very well that I only think of myself (Honestly I don’t know well)

You wait for me at the same place everyday, but that’s all baby

I wish you will always have only me

That’s my wish, a man’s hope, honey don’t hate (hate on/cuss at) me

No No…

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