????????? mary – jls

???? : mary

?????? : jls

????????? :


Mary, it’s time for me to tell the truth

To tell you how I feel, yeh, uh


You used to turn away when ever I thought you would stay

I know sometimes I made you worry

Listen Mary

You made such an effort just to get my attention

How can you blank me baby coz I didn’t know


“girl you never told me tell me whyy ohhh why

Mary, Mary, I Know That You Want Me,

So I’m saying sorry, sorry

That I Neva gave you Time

Maryy, Mary, to see the heartache, to see the ship sail?,

I’ll Neva B The Man That You Need


Sometimes when I wish on stars

Pretty girl you’ll be there by my side

There will be no temptation, that’s just imagination

Maybe because I miss you

All the rest is down to being shady, shady

If you had faught your corner, we’d be happy ever after


So save your questions, cause there aint no answers

I can’t help, you’re on your own



Mary, I wish you would’ve said something.

I mean how was I supposed to know?

I’m sorry about how I treated you.

Kept you hanging

I guess I gotta be cruel to be kind.

I’m sorry.



Say I’m sorry

I never meant to make you cry

I’m sorry

Fades with Chorus

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