????????? What u want – stephanie

???? : What u want

?????? : stephanie

????????? :

Maigo ni natta you na kinyou no yoru wa

I wanna see you konna no wa hajimete

Ima made no kare to nanimo kamo chigau

I just wanna motto shiritai dake yo

*Get up, do what you want

Tsukamara nai nara

Get up, be what you want

Don’t bother calling me, no

Get up, show what you want

Amai kotoba dake ja

Get up, do what you want

Yume sae mire nai yo

All ma ladies and Gentlemen

Let this Fiesta bounce now.

Feellin’ me Feekin’ you

I’ve been waitin’ for this moment.

Like a de ja vu and you are ma boo

shake it shake it booty lishious.

Oh baby I wanna take you to ma home

let’s have some fun tonight.

**Ayatsurare furimawasu

But I want him

Warui yatsu sore demo ii

Do I want him?

Au toki wa yasashikute

So I want him

Uso bakari doushitara ii?

Should I leave him?

Tomodachi mo minna watashi ni keikoku

He’s just crazy sonna no shitteru yo

Gurasu goshi no shisen kiduka nai furi de

I look away hoshii nara hayaku kite yo

***Get up, do what you want

MEERU dake ja mou

Get up, be what you want

Mono tari nai kara

Get up, show what you want

Mainichi aitai yo

Get up, do what you want

Chokusetsu furete hoshii

I’m standin’right here w/ this mic

bring it lose control cum’ on cumm’

All ma fellas relax there are n.o rules.

give a little bet of taste oh. oh.

I didn’t even start ma party yet

but you already turn me on.

lookin’hot tonight be right

be sure get a partner take it down.

He is now looking over me in his eyes

I cannot move anything.

like a black hole all around me in the darkness

all I see is spot lights on you.

Fallin’ in love at first sight dreamin of the fairytale.

Let’s make love in the bump bump on ma

top top and pump it pump it down on me





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