????????? you and me – olivia

???? : you and me

?????? : olivia

????????? :

??ZHOU, YAO HUI ??Dick Lee

Taking a trip down memory lane

Things have changed

One thing remains

That they will always have each other

And even though those days have gone

They know here is where they belong

There’s some kinda magic in the air

Feel the warmth

That only summer breezes can bring

Sweet little notes of spring begin

Nothing to fear?

Taking one step at a time

Walking hand in hand?

One two three four

Cheek to cheek?

And they’re learning?

How to do that dance??

Let this love be forevermore they say?

I wish for this?

To be true for you and me?

Holding her close?

He leading the way?

Out at the park?

Enjoying the day?

And you can tell they’ll be ok?

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