????????? Angel Come To Me – Hey Say JUMP

???? : Angel Come To Me

?????? : Hey Say JUMP

????????? :

Angel Come To Me – Yabu Kota(Ya Ya Yah)

i’ve got all my time to give if you will receive

i’ve got all my faith in love if you still dont leave

dont you know

we’ve got a good life to achieve

angel come to me

+heaven sent down

angel to my heart

to bring a brand new start when the sky is still in gray

heaven sent down

an angel to my heart

i feel the bless of life since you came away

because it’s suddenly a person to be sitting in life

softly turning green

rain is keeping wet for birds because i dream of you

angel come to me

ever sit down an angel to my sad and lonely heart

sky is changing to blue again because of you

dont worry if someone turning it green it’s been sitting with life

ever since you came this way

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