????????? alice – Vocaloid

???? : alice

?????? : Vocaloid

????????? :

‘In some place, was a dream,

Who dreamed it, was unkown

Such a truly Tiny dream it was,

The little dream thought,

I don’t want to be vanishing like this,

How do I get People to watch me?

The Little dream thought and though,

And came up with something.

‘If I get people to stray into me,

and let them make the world!’

The first Alice was a woman of the Spade,

Who couragisly held a sword in her hand,

Chopped down anything in her way

of making a red path for herself,

That Alice was brought deep into the forest,

locked in as the sinner,

In addition to the way of the forest,

her life was unknown

The second Alice was a man of the Diamond,

He tamely sang a song in Wonderland,

To fill all kinds of sound,

And produced a crazy world,

That Alice had Rose Flowers,

And a cross-eyed man shot at him,

He came out as the bright red flower bloom,

Everyone loved him, and to be dying

The third Alice was a child of the Clover,

She had a beautiful figure in wonderland,

For many people to delude,

A strange country was created,

That Alice was the Queen,

She posses the dream of distortion,

She traveled to the country in a rotten Body,

The fourth Alice were Twins of the Heart,

Bringing their curiousity to Wonderland,

Making a door to All kinds of bogus,

Big Sister is tough,

little brother intelligent,

They were near to the first alice,

But their dream has yet to awaken

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