????????? happy alone – KINGS of Leon

???? : happy alone

?????? : KINGS of Leon

????????? :

On our way, so it seems, blooming flowers waltz before me

Rollin’ numbers, passing time, got to get outside the city,

In the morning all will see, just how crazy young love can be

On our own away again, don’t get down my darlin’


I’m gonna tangle my face hair, it’s gonna tickle your daughter

3 o’clock and the moaning, they all cry to me,

I’ll be prancin’ around in my high heels, and your cherry red lipstick,

Look out your window i’m on your street

Miles away, so unclear, almost lost it in Montana

Lets pull over, have us a choke

I love to watch you when your dancin’

I wonder if they ever dream, they would get just what we gave them

All wrapped up in being 19, chasin’ stars that are fallin’


When that train heads home,

They’re gonna be so gone gone, you aint never gonna see me

Im a gone gone, you aint nothin to me

When they shine them streets, they’re gonna find our song

Chorus x2

I’m on your street , they all cry to me

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