????????? my life – the game

???? : my life

?????? : the game

????????? :

{*dogs barking, man panting then gasps, explosion and glass shatters*}

[Intro: The Game]

Punk-ass motherfucker, checkin shit

What you was gon’ do, kill me in my sleep you bitch-ass nigga?

{*dogs still barking*} Tupac, Biggie, shut the fuck up!

Them fuckin dogs, barkin and shit (don’t shoot, don’t shoot)

{*gun cocks, BLAM*} Fuck you nigga

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]

And I’m grindin until I’m tired

Cause they said you ain’t grindin until you tired

So I’m grindin with my eyes wide, lookin to find

A way through the day, a life for the night

Dear Lord you done took so many of my people

I’m just wonderin why you haven’t taken my life (my life, my life)

Like what the hell am I doin right? (doin right)

My life (my life, my life)

[The Game] + (Lil Wayne)

Take me away from the hood, like a state penitentiary

Take me away from the hood, in a casket or a Bentley

Take me away, like I overdosed on cocaine

Or take me away, like a bullet from Kurt Cobain

Suicide, I’m from a +Windy City+, like Do or Die

From a block close to where Biggie was crucified

That was Brooklyn’s Jesus, shot for no fuckin reason

And you wonder why Kanye wears Jesus pieces (my life, my life)

Cause that’s Jesus people, and Game, he’s the equal

Hated on some much +Passion+ that Christ need a sequel

Yeah, like Roc-a-Fella need a Sigel

Like I needed my father, but he needed a needle (my life, my life)

I need some meditation, so I can lead my people

They askin why, why did John Lennon leave The Beatles?

And why every hood nigga feed off evil?

Answer my question ‘fore this bullet leave this Desert Eagle


[The Game] + (Lil Wayne)

We are not the same, I am a Martian

So approach my Phantom doors with caution

You see them 24’s spinnin? I earned ’em

And all the pictures of me and Em, I burned ’em

So it ain’t no proof, that I ever walked through 8 Mile

And since it ain’t no Proof, I’ll never walk through 8 Mile

Sometimes I think about my life, with my face down

Then I see my sons and put on that Kanye smile (my life, my life)

Damn, I know his momma proud

And since you helped me sell my +Dream+ we can share my momma now

And like M.J.B., +No More Drama+ now

Livin the +Good Life+, me and Common on common ground

I spit crack, and niggaz could drop it out of town

Got a Cris’, call my estate, I’m never out of bounds

My life used to be empty like a glock without a round

Now my life full, like a chopper with a thousand rounds


[The Game] + (Lil Wayne)

Walk through the gates of hell, see my Impala parked in front

With the high beams on, me and the devil sharin chronic blunts

Listenin to the “Chronic” album, play it backwards

Shootin at pictures of Don Imus for target practice

My mind fucked up, so I cover it with a Raider hood

I’m from the city that made you motherfuckers afraid of Suge

{“Compton, Compton”} Made my grandmother pray for good

It never made her happy, but I bet that new Mercedes could (my life, my life)

Ain’t no bars, but niggaz can’t escape the hood

It took so many of my niggaz, that I should hate the hood

But it’s real niggaz like me, that make the hood

Ridin slow in that Phantom just the way I should (my life, my life)

With the top back, in my Sox hat

I’m +Paid in Full+, the nigga Alpo couldn’t stop that

Even if they brought the nigga ‘Pac back

I’ll still keep this motherfucker cocked back


[Lil Wayne]

My life (my life, my life)

My life (my life, my life)

My life (my life, my life)



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