????????? Chapter Four – a7x

???? : Chapter Four

?????? : a7x

????????? :

(give me your hand,

blood is spilled and man will follow

infernal man, punishment too great to bear)

Conceived and born was one of light

Rain and dark, the other born black night

Raise your head and taste the courage

(the one of light)

Fall from grace, unholy night

I’ve come here to kill you,

won’t leave until you’ve died

Murder born of vengeance,

I closed my brother’s eyes tonight…

It’s cold tonight as the clouds turn grey

and from my hands to my brothers grave

You took his side, you took his gift,

feel the power of a fallen man, cresfallen man…

Far away in this land I must go,

our of the site of the One.

A punishment sent from his hand,

a hardship no one should know

Now go out of the site of the One,

away in this land you must go.

Where has he gone? What have you done?

A voice commands from high above this earth,

From the soil I hear his blood cry out to me

Murder, liar, vengeance, defeat.

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