????????? someday – lydia

???? : someday

?????? : lydia

????????? :

I Look in the mirror each day when I rise.

Take a deep breath and I open my eyes

The women that I see

The women that I want to be

Is dying to show you

The things that I\’ve felt for so long

*And its been oh so long

I\’ve been trying to be so strong

**Some day is the day

That I will put all of my fears away

And we\’ll both know

The wonder of being in love..

Tonight just feels right

To tell you the thing I\’ve been keeping inside

Cause I can\’t keep it inside

I just can\’t keep it inside

There\’s so much about me I want you to know

But each time I see you I lose control

I\’m telling you baby

Inside I know

I\’m waiting here for you..

Just like I have be for so long


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