????????? just before shock – beast

???? : just before shock

?????? : beast

????????? :

ni saenggage tto naneun gireul hemaego

Just the thought of you makes me hesitate again

sorichyeo bulleo bwado amureon daedabi eobseo

Even when I try to shout out, there’s no answer

uri haengbokhan naldo hamkkehan sigando

The times we were happy, the times we spent together

doedollil su eomna bwa sigani ireoke gana bwa

It seems we can’t put them back, it seems time just flows away

neobakke moreudeon naui i du nunen

My eyes which only saw you

neoui hayateon useum nareul bureudeon neoui moseumman

Your bright smile, the image of you calling to me

(saenggangna) tto saenggagi nago nan nunmuri nago

I think of them again and I’m crying again

dasi tto neoreul chaja hemae

Then I hesitate to search for you again

Baby baby please (please) naege dasi dorawa (naege dorawa)

BABY BABY PLEASE (please) Come back to me (come back to me)

Baby baby Why (Why) jakkuman naegeseo meoreojyeo (meoreojineun neo)

BABY BABY WHY (why) you are becoming further away from me (you are so far)

(Please) saranghandago (Please) malhaedallago

(Please) Tell me that you love me

(Why) butjabeuryeo haedo amureon daedabi eobseo

(Why) When I try to get a hold of you there’s no answer

Baby baby please (please) doraseoseo hanbeonman ttak hanbeonman nal hanbeonman

BABY BABY PLEASE (please) Turn around once more, just once more

useumyeo nal barabwa jwo

and smile as you look at me

ije nareul tteona ganeun neo

Now you’re further away from me

(ajik jikiji motan yaksogi neomu manheunde)

(There are so many said promises yet to be kept)

maeil bameul ulgo isseo na

Every night I am crying

(ibyeoreun nareul mureotteutgo sangcheoman namgyeo nwa oh God)

(It’s tearing me apart and only leaving me wounds OH GOD)

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