????????? perfect – yarinda

???? : perfect

?????? : yarinda

????????? :

it’s always so perfect

When it’s in my head

Moonlight and sunshine

And all the things you are

Take me to the room

Where no one sees us all too far

* Wake up in the early morning

When buses stop outside

Still dark but the streets are dancing

Along to sounds of the stars

Tie me up and hold me in

And let my mind take flight

it’s always flawless

When it’s in my head

Life is prettier in my head

Keep on prancing, oh…keep on

(Repeat *)

it’s always cleaner

When it’s in my head

l have no more clothes to shed

Keep on dancing, oh…keep on

So you say start and I’ll go ahead

‘Cause tricks are cheaper in my bed

Go on try it, oh..go on

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