????????? wannabe(english) – outro

???? : wannabe(english)

?????? : outro

????????? :

??????/?????/?????????? outro

Anti?Well. am!? Passing by. This is insane.Cold I

was told.you?re sobold.I know you?re just hollow.

*Wannabe Don?t wannabe youre Fucking friend.

Wannabe so go lose yourself on mainsteam trend.

Wannabe Can?t give a Fuck about he wannabe

Wannabe Here is a Fact.Come on . you?ll see.

[2time]We came here as one.It?sbeen Fun.Now

Pass me the gun.I long to be gone.To belong in

somewhere else you?re from.[*]

**Can?t give a Fuck about the wannabe .Who shit

along all over me?Hit me with everything you?ve

got.I do thedance that youcannot.[2time][*,**]

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