????????? ??? ????? ?? – diana rand

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?????? : diana rand

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when you see a falling star. don?t you make a wish and close your eyes? and hope that wish will come true in your life? Like the colors of a rainbow . that shines across the sky . oh don?t you let those moments pass you by. In the middle of the night I?d twist and turn. you?d hold me tight did you know that mades me smile inside? the way you hold my face feel my lips with your fingertips oh baby I, l wish I was there oh tell me please. what meant to be why can?t I love you, and you just be with me oh tell me please. I need to know, how should I love you or how should I let go oh tell me please can you imagine, not hearing my voice? can you ever sleep without my touch by your side? Just let me know, ?cos I want you to realize, that I oh I need you to be mine I can?t sleep, I can?t smile like I used to the stars don?t shine on me the way they used to when I was by yours side

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