????????? half right – elliott smith

???? : half right

?????? : elliott smith

????????? :

Half right

Well you shouldn’t talk to yourself, well I pictured somebody else, someone that looks like what I look like. Wont say you that the one that you dreams, gutted you and ripped out your seams, that what I’d say, that’s what I’d say,

he was a sucker for your double dose, motherfucker turned wonders he ghost, don’t you say hi, don’t you say hi? Where the broken sink formed a face, in a head that just accepts space, hes not half right, hes not half right, its already half past, burning wood lasts.

I was sticking up for my friend, when theres nothing much to defend, it’s a lost fight, it’s a lost fight, cos when I talk to you on the phone, well its just like being alone, its not half right, its not half right.

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