????????? pretty mary k – elliott smith

???? : pretty mary k

?????? : elliott smith

????????? :

Pretty Mary K

Pretty Mary K walks along the dock, with some sarahs pain shoved down in her sock, Pretty Mary K with some Little Boy in Blue who can’t stay away from you, Pretty Mary k took him back to town. And down there by the bay where they won a pound.

Up against the wall crying black and blue, it keeps me away from you.

Pretty words  that you whipser maybe I misunderstood some bodies not been able to teach me what they promised that they would, it isn’t good.

Oh Mary K I can see your face down there in the wings, hidden by the light but I know its yours, the reflections of the moon, a big thing moves over you.

Going to go down in the water I’ll be waiting still impatient with my dead imagination, while you whistle mother may

Pretty Mary K, off in some bodies room, I’m down here by the bay I walk around the room, but I’ll be with you soon, just as soon as I’ve paid, I’ll walk across the water with pretty Mary caine

Walk on water, pretty Mary K

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