????????? either/or – elliott smith

???? : either/or

?????? : elliott smith

????????? :


You stole your stubborn now. Then again  a Symbolic war pray the poor, either or

Sometimes they ricochet from your past and at times a future I’ve already heard before, check me in a chore either or

I write the pages you read about, back in the places you’ve came.  One day  you know what your talking about I can hardly imagine the internal vein of me.

Feeling in these blanks that you create every time you win some petty score, posing as hard core, either or.

Look at the spin chief battered and broken, punch in a plastic rose. Out in the down poor they carry around for trashing a life style you’ve never known.

It’s a useful dream it makes quite an entertaining show, not much more up against and for either or

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