????????? turning point – ????? ????? (billy sheehan)

???? : turning point

?????? : ????? ????? (billy sheehan)

????????? :

Gone in a moment

Though for life it was assured

And let nature take its course

It takes its precious time

With no reason to forgive

(Forgive what I forget)

Shadows pass and lift at light

I find the time has come to give

I fly across the universe while shadows leap from my TV.

The truth is brave and it hardly hurts to finally know what this all means.

All in a minute with cutting from a vine

A twig will transfer all that’s known both noble and sublime

But underneath it all still willing to begin again so much is found with every fall as the autumn of my years begin

I wrap myself around my two concerns

And hold them close and tight to me

I face the light until it burns

To finally know how it will be

I finally reached the turning point

On this night I will anoint

I wish that you could see

What its done to me

I know the world can be

Absolutely free

I hope the same for you

Fill you with the truth

No matter what you do

Feel it coming through

There will come a day anyone can say

Anyone can say

And never be afraid

The will reveals the way

(Never Never be afriad)

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