????????? goodbye song – ?????? ?? ?????

???? : goodbye song

?????? : ?????? ?? ?????

????????? :

You may be right about me, baby

And you could be right about him, too

Love in you is more that I can say or do

But, Will you still miss me though were through

When you say goodbye then I was blue

Yes, love gets you high, but I can’t do

For the last time, let me say that I love you

And so I sing this “goodbye song” to you

* You would not see my love in everywhere

But I won’t blame you heart in anyway

All that I think just gonna wait

How can I go on when you won’t stay?

** My only love has gone

So, now I lost for yesterday

And so I play this “goodbye song” to you

( Repeat *, **)

And so I play this “goodbye song” to you…

Huuuuu Huuuuuu Huuuuuu

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