????????? steel and ancient might – ????????? day one metal 9

???? : steel and ancient might

?????? : ????????? day one metal 9

????????? :

????:  Steel And Ancient Might

??????:  Rancorous

?????????/????? /????? : Rancorous

Prepare yourself and must prepare your heart Here This time I’ve got power to occupy  Don’t throw down the gaunlet .My weapon is hard. From Abyss this time there will be no kind

Remember the day I get lost.Time become fill myself full  Life will not be in poverty.From now you can see it II be true

How you look in me I have never see.Just want the greatness In the stable heart Misery can’t see stuggle never be. The bliss will perceive they will satisfy

The thing that louder than Sparking thunder is the sound of them never understand.

The sound of the steel Fatal in their mind.All in battle’s strive Both the great they are

Time is part further They know each other because it’s use to happen before once. Velan of free Facal Dragon Flying high Through sea Through sky

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