????????? graceful felt – ????????? day one metal 9

???? : graceful felt

?????? : ????????? day one metal 9

????????? :

????:  Graceful Felt

??????:  Caloric

?????????/????? /????? : Caloric

Dark land on side  it would loss your sight. Decide in side you lost or want to strike. In the land of sightless unseen a sidelight. Lout are sink like die from your try. When

little sheep be in a whirl by the silent but have many noise in free-head that’s meaning sign. My advice it’s time to pray or to bewail. But you still don’t know who you pray to.

For make you like zulu or want zeus to help or your cross. Feel again when you have some water in your eyes. Lost your mind when afraid to try oh jesus cry. Remember

who told that big spirit was in your side. May be the right choice is die by yourself oh jesus cry Your mind in side want through or don’t try. Your mind in side want throughor don’t try.

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