????????? don – little joy

???? : don

?????? : little joy

????????? :


Margherita has a strange appeal / sways between suitors on a broken heel

of course her desires they always mistook / she’d rather have been scarred

than be scarred with looks / in conversation she’d often contend / costumes build customs that evolve dead ends / if she found her courage in a change of scene / this Sunday social would be short its queen / all her best years spent distracted by these tired re-enactments / with the right step she would try her chances somewhere else / there he is a step outside her view / reciting the words he hopes she might pursue / night upon night a faithful eye at shore / if he’d only convince his legs across the floor / “please, don’t watch me dancing” something changes when she glances / enough to teach you what romance is with the right step they would try their chances somewhere else

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