????????? vapors – biz markie

???? : vapors

?????? : biz markie

????????? :

Can you feel it

Nothin’ can save ya

For this is the seaon of catchin’ the vpors

And since I got time, what I’m gonna do

Is tell ya how to spread it throughout my crew

Wel you all know TJ Swan who sang on my records

Made the music, Nobody Beats the Biz

Well, check it

Back in the days before this began

He usually tried to talk to this girl name Fran

The type of female with fly Gucci wear

With big trunk jewelry and extensions in her hair

When Swan tried to kick it, she always fessed

Talkin’ about Nigger, please, you work for UPS &

Since he wasn’t no type of big drug dealer

My man TJ Swan didn’t appeal to her

But now he trucks gold and wears fly Valley boots

Rough leather fashions and tough silk suits

Now she stop frontin’ an’ wants to speak

And be comin’ to all the shows

Every single weekend

To get his beeper number, she’d be beggin’ please

Dyin’ for the day to get skeezed

She caught the vapors (4X)

I got another partner that’s calm and plain

He goes by the name of the Big Daddy Kane

A mellow type of fellow that’s laid back

Back in the days, he was nothin’ like that

I remember when he used to fight every day

What grown-ups would tell him he would never obey

He wore his pants hangin’ down and his sneakers untied

And a rasta-type Kango tilted to the side

Around his neighborhood, people treated him bad

And said he was the worst thing his mom’s ever had

They said that he will grow up to be nothin’ but a hoodlum

Or either injail or someone would shoot him

But now he’s grown up, to their surprise

Big Daddy got a hit record sellin’ worldwide

Now the same people that didn’t like him as a child be sayin’

Can I borrow a dollar, ooh, you’re a star now

They caught the vapors (4X)

Now I got a cousin by the name of Von Lee

Better known to y’all as Cutmaster Cool V

He cuts scratch, transform with finesse

…(cuts and scratches)…and all that mess

Well I remember when he first started to rock

And tried to get his job in a record shop

He was in it to win it but the boss fronted

Said, Sorry Mr. Lee, but there’s no help wanted &

Now my cousin Von still tried on and on and on

‘Til the like break of dawn

To put this j-o-b in effect

But they’d look right past him and be like next

Now for the year of ’88

Cool V is makin’ dollars so my cousin’s like straight

He walks into the same record shop as before

And the boss’ll be like, Von, welcome to my store &

Offerin’ him a job but naw, he don’t want it

Damn it feels goo to see people up on it

‘Cause I remember when at first they wasn’t

Now guess what they caught from my cousin

The vapors

They caught the vapors (4X)

Last subject of the story is about Biz Mark

I had to work for mine to put your body in park

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be down

With a lot of M.C.-deejayin’ crews in town

So in school on Nobel Street, I say, Can I be down, champ &

They said no and treated me like a wet food stamp

After gettin’ rejected, I was very depressed

Sat and wrote some def doo-doo rhymes at my rest

When I used to come to parties they’d make me pay

I’d have to beg to get on the mike and rap that day

I was never into girls, I was just into my music

They acted like I wanted to keep it

Instead of tryin’ to use it

But now things switched without belief

Yo, Biz, do you remember me from Nober Street, chief?

We used to be down back in the days

It happens all the time and never ceases to amaze

They caught the vapors (4X)

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