????????? Let Me Give To You Bankk Clash

Hey girl, it’s been awhile since I feel alone
But when we met, you made me
feel like you were always there
And now…I’m spinning
Baby, I don’t know if you wanna be
my girl I’m going crazy, to the point of no return
I have another late night, I check in t
he club so then I blum into you(And saw you)
This girl’s so pretty and fine Was all i
n my mind, just how to get with you
Only thing that was in my head was
leavin’ the club and be in bed with you (with you)
We took it back to my room And we
just made love and you were gone so soon
Baby, baby, you Can’t get you off
my mind Just this one time
* Baby, baby, baby, you Just want you here with me up close tonight
 We was never in my mind till I met
you Baby, baby, baby, you.
 I need you now eternally
 ** Baby, baby, when we kiss you’re goin crazy
(crazy) Just wanna make you scream
Get on me (Get on me) And you won’t stop
 till dawn Come on let’s just go on and on
Baby, I wanna keep you going, sexy As you
 brush your lips along me l’m so gone
And I can’t stop to think back, Just touching
you there and oh this feels so good
(You like that?) Can’t give you up just like
that You’re all on my mind
I can’t go on without you Every time you pull yourself back
Just pulling in you make it feel damn
good(damn good) Help you write the soundtrack
Would do anything to make you come back
Baby, baby, you Can’t get you off my mind
You’re oh so fine
( * / ** )
Girl don’t let me show to you You’ll be
my only lady Baby, that will be right
I know what you’re used to will be tonight
In my arms only, cuddling with me
Girl, I just wanna make it me and you And
when I put you on me lonely bed
So many ways to get you up and goin’
So let me give it to you, to you, to you, to you
Yeah~ Yeah~ You~~ You~~
Baby Oh~ Oh~ Oh~ So let me give it to you
So let me give it to you, baby
Yeah~ Yeah~ You~ You~ You~ You~~
So let me give it to you, baby

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