????????? Club Can t Handle Me (Tyler Ward Cobus Potgieter Cover) Flo Rida

                * You know I know how To make em stop and stare as I zone out

                The club can’t even handle me right now Watchin you watchin me I go all out

                The club can’t even handle me right now  The club can’t even handle me right now

Hey I own the light and I don’t need no help Gotta be the feeling that scarface felt

Stuntin go wild can’t handle this player Life of the club arrogant like yeah!

Talk like money so the girls just melt One too many all on me like twelve

Look like cash and they all just stare Bottles, models standin on chairs

Ball out cause that’s the business All out it’s so ridic-lous

Zone out so much attention Scream out I’m in the building (hey! )

They watchin I know this I’m rockin, I’m rolling I’m holding, I know it You know it

( * )

Hey Still feelin myself I’m like outta control Can’t stop now more shots lets go

Ten more rounds can I get a Kato Paparazzi trying to make me pose

Came to party till I can’t no more Celebrate coz that’s all I know

Tip the groupies takin off their clothes Grand finale’ like superbowl

Go hard run the show That’s right wild out got money to blow

More lights more ice when I walk in the door No hype do it big all over the globe

Yeah! I said it Go tell it Confetti Who ready? I’m ready! You ready! Lets get it!

( * )

You got me watchin now Got my attention now Got everybody in the club wanting to know now

You are my ladies and I’ll be your best friend We keep both zone Yeah

Bring ya body and let me switch up your atmosphere I’ll take you out of this club and be my new lim

Fly you all around the world you want baby girl Are you ready to go

( * )


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