????????? how gee – bigbang

???? : how gee

?????? : bigbang

????????? :

[Intro – GD]

One for the money, two for the show

We got the party people screamin’ out (hey – ho)

Let’s go!

[Vrs 1 – TOP]

On and on into the breaka-dawn

I got a mic and I just can’t leave it alone

I be the T.O.P aiite!

I represent the Big Bang big thangs feel me I bring ’em like

Down and dirty you heard me it’s straight whoa!

People gotta have it, they really won’t let go, huh

Yo, I got it full control

Indeed I’m ridin’ high no need to lay low


I’m psyked I’m rippin’ the show

Tight like kick in the doe

That’s right baby zero below

You know the GD got ya city throwin’ em up

It’s oh so – ficky ficky fresh! I give you nuttin’ less

And if you ain’t known by now I be the best

Ladi dadi we came to party yes yes

And while ya freakin’ ya shawty let’s just…


Ahhhhhhhh Big Bang gon’ raise the roof yall

So you know what to do yall

Just keep on rockin’ em

Ahhhhhhhh Big Bang gon’ raise the roof yall

Just keep on rockin’ em

[Vrs 2 – TOP]

Damn yo’m killin’ the flow got it pack wall to wall doe to doe that’s

Quite incredible I know

And everybody in the place be tipsy

Amazin’ what this be we blazin’ it cripsy

Ya honey wanna get down with this, I make her bounce to this

Every ounce of this I mini cooper’chu not

And it’s the mini cooper’chu not you know I hit the spot


Yeah, I wear my sunglasses at night, still 20-20

Suckas walkin’ around talkin’ all’at balony, damn homie you phony!

Be on about’cha biz what it is you ain’t got nuttin’ fo me

Been an MC since my first sony

Rock many and plenty they wanna know me

I’m 50 karats you a cubic zakoni

Fall back let my people react, we in the zone yeah!


[Bridge – YB]

All yall get’cha hands up, clap now

We gonna shake and tear the house down

I know you wanna do this right now

You gotta get up and move it to the sound

Love the way the kick drum plays now

I feel it in my heart, that’s it now

I think I’m gonna count it off now…

[Vrs 3 – TOP]

Yeah, fire in the hole, It’s a new load I’m killin’em slow

Make’em learn about the T.O.P – and how the story go

It’s not nice – not pretty

Ya hear a crack when I’m full contact I’m crushin’ down many


Yeah, uh, straight comin’ through from the back shootin’ Henny

People be gettin’ wild just kickin’ and rippin’em out

You know it’s what it’s all about when you move a crowd

Just raise the roof, now!

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